Tiny White Stones


An adventure about trusting others


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Tiny White Stones is a very special adventure in third person, which must be played cooperatively with the help of a stranger or a friend, through the Internet or a local network.

The story of the game will place the player and his partner in the role of two siblings (a boy and a girl), who must cross an enchanted forest to get home safely. And the task, as you will soon see, is not exactly easy.

The main problem in Tiny White Stones is that the two players only have one life. This means that if either player dies during the adventure, both will have to start it from the beginning, and there are many dangers.

Sometimes, the boy can see elements of the scenario that the girl cannot, so he can take her by the hand and lead her on the right path, while at other times, it will be just the opposite.

At times, it will also be necessary for both to embrace, and when they do that, it automatically creates a barrier around them, protecting them from being attacked by the enemies. Some enemies, by the way, will become quite a hassle in certain parts of the forest.

Tiny White Stones is a cooperative, magical adventure. It is as if an independent development studio had put 'ICO' and 'Hansel and Gretel' in a blender, and created a completely new story.
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